Guatavita Lake and Salt Cathedral

We will go from the accommodation in Bogotá directly to the Guatavita Lake in a private vehicle, the trip duration is 1 hour 40 minutes. During the travel, we can see the “Bogotá Valley” with green landscapes with a flower growing, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.  

Then we will continue to Guatavita town and will enjoy the views of the Tominé reservoir, which is an important hydric source of the area, we stop and watch the Andean mountains and the reservoir.  

Then we will go in the car to Guatavita town, it was founded in 1967, it is a colonial town, I will show you places to buy Colombian handicrafts, and we will taste special desserts of the area. 

After that we continue to the lake, we will begin to walk into Guatavita natural reservation. We will meet a guide of the lake that speaks about the native culture, I will do the translation and add some information, then we begin to climb steps, it is approx 130 meters (426 feet). But do not worry, we will stop several times.

As soon as we finish the stairs, we will arrive at the first lake viewpoint. We will appreciate the lake, the water, and its colors, also we can listen and see some birds. We continue walking and the vegetation begins to change from Andean cold weather (same weather than Bogotá) to Paramo (Andean moor) with its special plants like the frailejon (plants with their thick, soft leaves like the ears of a rabbit). You can find that plants only in Ecuador, Perú, and Venezuela. After walking for 90 minutes we exit the lake.

Then we will go to Zipaquira town where we have lunch. It can be meat, pork, chicken or fish cooked with the eastern plains’ recipe. Also, they have a vegan option.  

After that, we will go into Salt Cathedral. I will wait for the traveler at the entrance of the tourist attraction. The traveler will pick up an audio guide, and enter into the underground cathedral. Then we will walk through the way of the cross (the moment that lived Jesus before and during the crucifixion). Then you will go into the main cathedral, see Holly Mary and other sculptures made by miners. The place also has a wonderful water mirror. It has specialized stores where you can buy salt figures and drink beverages.

What’s included:

  • Private transportation
  • During the tour, I lend binoculars and raincoats
  • Entrance to Guatavita Lake
  • Entrance to Salt Cathedral, Audioguide included only for this attraction
  • Snacks
  • Colombian candies
  • Bottled water

Length: 11 hours

Price: USD 105

Meeting point: I will pick up the travelers at their accommodation.

Departure time: Available all days, except Mondays and the first day of the week after Monday holidays because Guatavita lake is closed.


  • Wheelchair not accessible
  • Guatavita lake does not have access for wheelchairs and infant strollers
  • Salt Cathedral has access for wheelchairs and infant strollers
  • Near public transportation

Health restrictions

  • No back problems
  • It is not allowed for pregnant women.
  • No with heart diseases or other serious medical conditions

Difficulty level

Most travelers can participate

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