About us

We are a travel agency established by Javier Yhama. He traveled for 24 countries getting experience with touristic destinations, tours, and travelers’ preferences. This knowledge allows us to create unique and tailor-made products for every person.

Our vision

We join our travelers in happy and unforgettable days. We like to show Colombia’s most beautiful attractions, the country’s diversity including cultural differences as music, food, economy, and history.

Why choose us?

We organize tours according to every traveler’s interest, in small and customized groups to guarantee the quality of services and information. Therefore, the most important is that the activity will not be in a hurry. Every person can pleasantly know the attraction without rush and in a safe manner.

Our values

Ethics and Sincerity: All our tour activities are made with love, openness, and transparency.

Responsibility: All that we offer is fulfilled, we have the best security standards. 

Kindness: Our passion is that all the visitors have the best of times. 

Familiarity: The activities are focused on human relationships, experience sharing, we create bonds and trust to have the best enjoyment of the moments.

Service: Before, during and after the activities you can contact us, ask questions, send suggestions and whatever you need. We are for your service.

Some of our experiences

Tropical flavors, fruits, and flowers

Come and know the freshest market in the country, with lots of flowers and typical dishes. Taste the vast majority of Colombian fruits like passion fruit, avocado, pitahaya, anon, chirimoya, cape gooseberry, etc.

Guatavita Lake
and town

We will feel the mystique of
the place, its energy and through relaxation we
will enter a space of silence listening to nature. We will know its architecture, and we will taste its food.

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